They didn’t make them like this when I was in high school…

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    I had the absolute pleasure of presenting the first game ball at the new stadium at Brewer High School last Friday night and all I kept thinking when I walked into the stadium was ‘They didn’t make them like this when I was in high school.’ I am a 1991 Brewer High School graduate and the stadium we had back in my day was simple and decent in size. The new stadium at the high school is just amazing! At the entrance to the stadium, there is a huge copper bear head that adorns the outer wall to the entrance. The field is an artificial turf and is painted perfectly with the blue and white school colors. The score board has a massive video screen on it and follows all the action on the field. Back in my day, we were lucky if the score board was working, ha .. 😉 In any case, it was a wonderful evening and it was great to be back ‘home’ with all of the wonderful people that I have grown up with in the ‘Brewer’ family.


Hurricane Ike causing Gridlock in Texas…

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Thanks soo much for all of your emails keeping me up to date on the gridlock that you have been seeing down in the Navarro and Ellis County area. For all of our friends that travel along I-45 in the northbound lanes into Downtown Dallas through Madisonville, Fairfield, Corsicana and Ennis, these are the areas where I am hearing from commuters, lots of heavy volume last night and into this morning.  As of this morning, we are hearing that the contra flow lanes will not be in effect but, we all know that could change. If you have family or friends commuting up from the south, check out our traffic area on the website   this site will link you to all the latest accidents and gridlock in the area as well as to the Texas Department of Transportation cameras. Be safe out there and give yourself plenty of time if you have to travel into the Dallas area from the south 😉

Gridlock Buster Stands Up For Cancer ! ….

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             As you may have heard, tonight NBC is teaming up with two other networks in a collaboration to raise money for cancer research. I have had my own bout with cancer and I can tell you it is one of the scariest things I have dealt with in my life. About five years ago, we had a doctor in our studio, Dr. Malouf, we were interviewing him about cancer, specifically melanoma. As he was walking out the door, he glanced down at my leg and told me I should have one of the moles on my lower leg checked out. I didn’t think that much of it, it was a very small mole but, very dark in the middle. I made an appointment with a dermatologist about a month later and found out that it was melanoma. Thankfully, I caught it at a stage 3, had surgery to remove it and now have a lovely scar to show for it, believe me, it was all worth it. So tonight, I encourage you to take a moment and check out our special program ‘Stand Up For Cancer’ at 7 o’clock. It is a one hour, star studded show to help raise money for a very important cause, the fight against cancer.

Don’t get caught in a cell phone restricted school zone…

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    Well, it’s back to school today for the majority of our metroplex school districts. All morning long we focused in on the areas where cell phone usage is restricted during school zone times, in case you missed it, here is the list, pass it along, I don’t want any of you to be ticketed!  😉

DALLAS COUNTY: Dallas, Highland Park, University Park, Irving, Duncanville, Carrollton-Farmers Branch

TARRANT COUNTY: Benbrook, White Settlement


DENTON COUNTY: Flower Mound, Lake Dallas, Highland Village


COOKE COUNTY: Gainesville



‘I Tammy Dombeck, admit that I am a huge sucker for … ‘

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‘I Tammy Dombeck admit that I am a huge sucker for, well… so many things actually! ‘ The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines ‘sucker’ as – ‘a person irresistibly attracted by something specific…’  Many of you know that I am a huge animal lover so this picture on our website today really caught my eye, click on

and scroll down to ‘Zoo Babies’ they are adorable! Another thing I am a huge sucker for are small, ‘hole in the wall’ family owned, Italian Restaurants. I grew up on the west side of Fort Worth and I have frequented Mancuso’s there for many years, check it out if you ever get a chance.

Another thing I am a huge sucker for are lakes! I’m headed to Lake Texoma this weekend, have a wonderful weekend and hopefully I’ll come back Monday with a little bit of a tan 😉

Gridlock Buster gives automotive specialists a good laugh…

Hey gang!

Yesterday I gave the sweet men that work on my Jeep a really good laugh! As a single gal, it is a top priority to me to have people that I trust working on my vehicle. When I found Jim and John at Martin’s Automotive I definitely hit the jackpot, they are always very accommodating to my crazy television schedule and they are always very honest with me. Anyways, yesterday I took my Jeep in to them because my it was struggling to turn over and my air conditioning wasn’t working. The air in my vents was only coming out at my feet on the bottom vents and nothing out of the top vents… it was a mystery…  So I drop off my Jeep in the safe hands of Martin’s Automotive and a few hours later I get a phone call from Jim saying, ‘Your Jeep is fixed, you needed a new battery and the air conditioning… well, call me for a good laugh’ … ha .. I was perplexed… I thought, what could that mean? So I call Jim and he says, ‘Well, we got you a new battery and the air conditioning wasn’t working because your glove box was completely overflowing with papers and blocking the air! ‘ Ha … We laughed and laughed… He said, ‘I guess your glove box is like a woman’s closet, always overflowing… ‘  So I guess the next time my air is blocked, it just means it’s time for some cleaning… By the way, my invoice goes as follows… ‘Replaced battery and cleaned terminals and removed tons of paper from glove box’ … (at least that part was free of charge 😉

The Hot Batmobile comes to North Texas….

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That’s right! The famous Batman car is heading to the metroplex! If you’d like to check it out for yourself, get over to North Dallas. Nicknamed ‘The Tumbler’ the cool batmobile will be parked outside the ‘Cinemark IMAX Theatre’ off of 635 LBJ and Webb Chapel today.  For more information, check out their website or give them a buzz at 972-247-8172.

For a preview of “The Dark Knight” check out the link to our website …

For a preview…

Have a great weekend!