Morning Routine

This morning has just been one of those crazy days on the roads. I often get asked how my routine goes in the mornings so I thought this would be a good time to chat about it and take you through routine. It starts at 2:45am and today when I was outside with my dogs, I noticed my thermometer was reading 32 degrees, I thought to myself, ‘I better hurry up and get in the shower because it maybe one of those days’ I hustled into the house and was out the door headed to the station at 3:45am. I grabbed my cell and called our assignment desk which is basically the information hub of our station, there is an assignment editor at this desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our assignment editor answered the phone and told me we already had two big hot spots in Fort Worth, a photog heading to one scene and a reporter at the other, I thought to myself, ‘here we go, lots of gridlock this morning. ‘ At 4:30am everyone gathers in the newsroom for our morning meeting which we lovingly call the ‘morning pep-rally,’ it is here where we all chat about what happened over-night, updating stories and what every department, news, weather, traffic … will cover for the morning. Then it’s off to the make-up room, with a quick run by the studio to start up my computers and say ‘hi’ to Becky. Then I hit the make-up room and sit next to my buddy Brendan as we ‘primp’ and get ready for two hours of morning television. Getting closer to 4:50am, traffic maps are put together and tx dot cams are chosen for air and I start going thru what I’m going to say in my first hit after Becky’s weather on the 5’s … I know, you’re thinking ‘so much has to be done before 5am,’ I always tell college students majoring in Television News, ‘It is not a free ride, it is not an easy ride, if you don’t absolutely have a passion for it, you will never make it’ My passion to connect with people and help make their commute a little easier and brighter every day is definitely strong, today was a busy and hectic one but, very rewarding. We’ll see what tomorrow brings….


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