Attention Dog Lovers…

Hey gang,

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, mine was very low key, did last minute tax stuff and spent time with my family and my sweet little nephew Baby Cole, anyways, I digress… Have any of you heard of the proposed ordinance coming up for vote in Dallas including a mandatory spay/neuter provision and stricter limits on the number of pets per household? As for myself, a big animal lover owning five sweet furry friends,  thinks you should all give this letter a glance. It is written by Sherry L. Talton of Dallas to the Dallas Mayor and City Council, check it out, very interesting stuff all of you animal owners should know.



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  1. 1 rpoling May 10, 2008 at 10:13 am

    Actually, Dr. Carroll had some concerns about the proposals as originally written, but once the age limit for spaying/neuter of puppies and kittens was raised to 6 months, he put his support behind the proposal. [It’s also interesting to note that Dr. Carroll is an advisory board member of Metroplex Animal Coalition, a free spay/neuter program for low-income City of Dallas residents.]

    With all the facts and figures in this letter – many of which are easily disputable – it’s interesting that there is no mention of the 26,979 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens put down in Dallas’ municipal shelters last year because there weren’t enough homes. Or the 13,177 dead dogs and cats picked up by City Sanitation. Does anyone really believe that enforcing leash laws and pet registration is going to reduce the pet population by 40,000 each year? That’s absurd and unrealistic. If you don’t believe, me there is a huge dose of reality at 1818 N. Westmoreland, right off I-30 and I’m sure they’ll give you a tour. They euthanize an average of 500 animals a week, Monday through Friday. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll go by just in time to see one of the Sanitation trucks that stop by twice a day to pick up all the dead bodies.

    Maybe it’s time to stop being so selfish and try to find a community-wide solution to the problem. Education isn’t working. Free and low-cost spay/neuter isn’t working. We need legislation and we need it now

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