Byron or Colonial?

Hey gang,

Well, it’s that time of year for the two big golf tourneys in town, the Byron and the Colonial. It seems every time the tournaments come up in a group conversation, people always talk about how they prefer one over the other. I grew up in Tarrant County so I’ve attended more Colonial tourneys than Byron’s. So what do you think? I do enjoy the laid back atmosphere of the Colonial and the ‘fun hole’ I forgot the actual number of it but, I know how to walk right to it every year. If you are familiar with the Colonial, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s the hole where you can pretty much be as loud as you want and you can cheer for which caddy you think is going to make it to the green first. (I’ve lost a few bucks betting on that) The Byron does have the huge pavilion area where people gather for a food and spirits. I won’t be going to the Byron this year due to other commitments but, I plan on taking my Dad to his first Colonial this year, look out Fort Worth, Daddy Dombeck with be in the house 😉







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