Sorry if my eyes are puffy…

Hey gang,


So sorry if I have some puffy eyes today, it has been a very long and busy week. I had a great shoot yesterday for a cool story that we are bringing to you on Monday night at 10pm with Jane and Mike, so stay tuned… Last night I attended the launch of a new facial product coming out by D’Andra at the beautiful Noble Boutique in Highland Park.  I ran into a dear DJ friend of mine who I worked with for many years in the beginning of my career, Jaan McCoy with 770 KAAM, he hosts ‘The Breakfast Club’ weekdays from 6am to 10am.  Jaan is one of those people in my life that gave me a chance in broadcasting when others wouldn’t. I haven’t seen him in over 7 to 8 years and it was just a great treat to get to reminisce with him about my radio days and tell him again how much his support of me has impacted my career. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and remember all of those people who have helped you along the way including our Moms on this Mother’s Day weekend.  





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