‘Sex In The City’ Premiere, London ???…

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Yes, I am one of those ladies that can’t wait for the ‘Sex and the City’ Movie to hit theaters! I was so surprised to hear that the world premiere was in London yesterday, I thought, ‘what’s the deal with that?’ The entire life of the show always revolved around New York City. I did some searching and found these articles, when Sarah Jessica Parker was asked at the premiere last night, “Why London?” She graciously responded saying that it wasn’t her choice but, she looks forward to bringing the movie to the U.S. and to New York City, the birth place of the show, what a class act she is.

‘Sex And The City’ Makers Under Fire
1 May 2008 (WENN)
The makers of Sex And The City: The Movie have come under fire from New Yorkers – because they are not premiering the movie in the city. The film will premiere in London, two weeks before it is unveiled in its spiritual home of New York on May 12. But the move by producers at New Line Cinema has sparked widespread criticism from those who believe the film should premiere in the city – the home of the award-winning TV series. However, the company claims its New York premiere will be just as spectacular as the London opening with a huge party at the famous Radio City Music Hall on May 27. A spokesperson for the film company tells the New York Daily News, “It was simply a question of logistics and scheduling. We’re still planning the big premiere to be in New York. Everyone knows New York City is the fifth character. The city is the epicenter of all things Sex And The City.”





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