Daddy Dombeck…

Hey gang,



With Father’s Day right around the corner, I wonder what you all get your Dad for Father’s Day? I swear, every year I get the same phone call from Heather, my sister, asking ‘What are we going to get Dad for Father’s Day?’ It is so hard shopping for my Dad. It was easy when we were little, Heather and I would just make some sort of handmade craft or give him a bottle of cologne or the ‘generic’ Father’s Day tie, either way, my Dad never complained about one gift we ever gave him and he still does that to this day. Daddy Dombeck can get chocked up over a sweet card or a sweet sentiment and that’s just one of the things that I love about him. As a teen in the Dombeck house, with two daughters, my Dad always stepped up to the plate. He took us clothes shopping, endured painful hours at the hair salon for us and always took us on some great summer vacations. Anyways, I digress, if you have any unique Father’s Day gift ideas, send them my way 😉




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