Local Actress plays ‘Gridlock Buster’ …

Hey gang,


I had the pleasure of attending the hilarious and heart warming play, ‘Cootie Pancake’ over the weekend, written by Johnny Simons. The ‘Hip Pocket Theatre’ website describes the play as this.. ‘A dark farce by Johnny Simons. The endearing story of Cootie Pancake, a special child, who goes on an unexpected journey with his favorite traffic reporter. ‘

This is a picture of the cast and myself after the performance, the blond lady next to me in the middle plays traffic reporter Sammi Zoomdeck.  This is one of those plays that will make you laugh out loud during one scene and cry the next. It is brilliantly written and cast. Adam Dapkus’ portrayal of a sweet special needs boy, Cootie,  will amaze you. Emmy Klein plays the bubbly blond traffic reporter, Sammi Zoomdeck, who has a tender and unforgettable meeting with Cootie. Before the performance, I had the honor of meeting writer Johnny Simons who gave me an autographed copy of the script, ‘To Tammy, Thanks for the inspiration’ 

Here are pictures of Cootie and Sammi Zoomdeck during the performance.

If you’d like to attend a performance they run Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9pm at the ‘Hip Pocket Theatre’ I encourage you all to go see it and say ‘hi’ to my friend, traffic reporter ‘Sammi Zoomdeck’  😉



1 Response to “Local Actress plays ‘Gridlock Buster’ …”

  1. 1 gerald June 26, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    I may not be able to see this show, which is no doubt one of th best ever produced by HPT, as i am having a major high school class reunion this month, but i am very pleased to see that you realize how wonderful Johnny & Diane & their gang are!
    Bless you!

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