Gridlock Buster Stands Up For Cancer ! ….

Hey Gang,


             As you may have heard, tonight NBC is teaming up with two other networks in a collaboration to raise money for cancer research. I have had my own bout with cancer and I can tell you it is one of the scariest things I have dealt with in my life. About five years ago, we had a doctor in our studio, Dr. Malouf, we were interviewing him about cancer, specifically melanoma. As he was walking out the door, he glanced down at my leg and told me I should have one of the moles on my lower leg checked out. I didn’t think that much of it, it was a very small mole but, very dark in the middle. I made an appointment with a dermatologist about a month later and found out that it was melanoma. Thankfully, I caught it at a stage 3, had surgery to remove it and now have a lovely scar to show for it, believe me, it was all worth it. So tonight, I encourage you to take a moment and check out our special program ‘Stand Up For Cancer’ at 7 o’clock. It is a one hour, star studded show to help raise money for a very important cause, the fight against cancer.


1 Response to “Gridlock Buster Stands Up For Cancer ! ….”

  1. 1 Stephen September 10, 2008 at 6:13 am

    I’ve lost two family members to cancer so this really hits home.

    I’m so glad you’re doing ok now Tammy! I don’t know what we’d do without our Gridlock Buster!

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